• Grow your email list

  • Create a community of engaged subscribers

  • Earn an income

If you feel overwhelmed, confused, or frustrated on Substack, you’re not alone. 

Most people struggle because they don’t set up their Substack to succeed:

  • They just start writing and publishing without understanding Substack’s unique nature and

  • don’t see how their talents and experience work best on the platform.

You deserve expert guidance and insider information so you can build your email list, create community, and make money.

This course is for you if...

  • You're new to the platform and want to get started right

  • You've been on the platform for a bit but still aren't getting traction

How it works

In 4 self-paced sessions, this course will give you the blueprint you need to:

  • SESSION 1: Achieve your goals by understanding the platform and your purpose on it

  • SESSION 2: Build a community of loyal subscribers by creating valuable content

  • SESSION 3: Attract subscribers by clearly communicating your Substack’s value

  • SESSION 4: Set yourself up to grow

Get ahead fast on Substack

Here's how I've helped hundreds of my private clients:

Working with me, my client, Kate Hill, increased her revenue from $21,000 to $26,000 in a little over a month.

My client Jeannine Ouellette increased her paid subscribers from 560 to over 1000 in just 70 days.

Note: You will earn back the price of this course in just 7 paid subscribers.

What's inside the course

    1. 🎥 Welcome!

    1. Zoom link for the monthly Q&A and Substack Success Cohort session

    1. 🖥️ Pre-course Session: Set Up Your Substack from Scratch

    1. 🎥 (Session 1) Part 1: Overview of the Platform and Key Features and Tools

    2. 🎥 (Session 1) Part 2: Examples of Substack Approaches and Successful Substack Newsletters

    3. 🎥 (Session 1) Part 3: Define Your Substack's Purpose and Audience + Your One-Year Goal

    4. 📁 Put it into practice: Explore the platform and find or rediscover your Substack categories

    5. 🖥️ Tech Tour: Settings in Less Than 6 Minutes

    1. 🎥 (Session 2) Part 1: Your Value + What, When, and How Much to Post

    2. 🖥️ Tech Tour: Everything You Need to Know About Posting

    3. 🎥 (Session 2) Part 2: Earn the Income You Deserve

    4. 🎥 (Session 2) Part 3: Substack's Community Features In-depth + Session 2 Recap

    5. 📁 Put it into practice: Develop Your Paid Strategy fillable PDF

    1. 🎥 Strategize Your Editorial Calendar (deep dive)

About this course

About Sarah Fay, your Substack expert

This blueprint is also what I used to gross $100k in ten months.

I bring you my expertise as:

  • The creator of two bestselling, featured Substack publications
  • An author at HarperCollins
  • A member of Substack’s Product Lab
  • A former advisory editor at The Paris Review 
  • A creative writing professor at Northwestern University
  • Someone the people have called the "Substack ambassador"

Get ahead on Substack fast.

What people are saying...

“I highly recommend Sarah for anyone serious about building their newsletter with more joyful ease and less frustration. Sarah is brilliant and knows Substack inside out.”

Jeannine Ouellette, Writing in the Dark

“Within 24 hours of executing Sarah’s suggestions, my subscription base expanded to include countless new readers who not only pressed the “subscribe” button but also took the time to engage with the material and write encouraging and insightful comments on the posts. ”

Kimberly Warner, Unfixed

“Before I signed up with Sarah, I was clueless about how my posts were landing on Substack. She is a superb teacher. The result has been an improvement in the quality of my posts and a surge in subscribers. I'm also having a lot more fun as a Substack writer. ”

David Roberts, Sparks from Culture

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